Duck Foie Gras Hamper

-13% Duck Foie Gras Hamper Hampers



This hamper is perfect for discovering the quality and authenticity of our duck foie gras and contains a Castelnau whole Label Rouge duck foie gras from the Landes region and two duck block foie gras, one from Perigord (Maison Espinet) and the other one from the South-West (Pré aux Canards).


Both Espinet and « Pré aux Canards » benefit from protected geographic origin status (PGI), meaning that you can be sure that you are sampling the very best of Perigord gastronomy and south-western cuisine.


Label Rouge whole duck foie gras is the king of foie gras : authentic and without additives, its flavour is distinct and spicy. A rustic product, produced traditionally by a co-operative in the Landes region of France.

These are quality products with a wonderful flavour. These two duck block foies gras will delight whether served as a starter or as canapés. Their smooth texture means that you can cut them easily into uniform slices.


Perfect for discovering the delights of duck foie gras, all our products are very different from the standardised products found on supermarket shelves.


Hamper contents


  • 120g Domaine de Castelnau Label Rouge duck foie gras from the Landes region
  • 100g Espinet Perigord duck bloc foie gras
  • 125g « Pré aux Canards » duck bloc foie gras from the South-West.






  • The Landes foie gras from Domaine de Castelnau has an authentic aroma, is robust and quite peppery. Flavoursome and rich, the bloc foie gras from Espinet and « Pré aux Canards » are characterised by their distinct aroma and lingering taste.
  • These block foies gras are made from foies gras which have been carefully selected and blended to ensure an authentic flavour and truly unforgettable taste.



Serving suggestion


  • The bloc foies gras are perfect served on some bread as a canapé, while the whole foie gras is excellent served as part of a more elaborate starter.



Suggested servings per person


  • As a starter, 50 to 60g per person
  • As canapés, 10 to 15g per piece (and you’ll soon see that you need several of these per person)



More ideas for serving 


  • Perfect as a starter for that special meal with your friends, family or neighbours
  • If you are invited to dinner, these foies gras accompanied by a bottle of wine make a perfect gift for your hosts
  • These foies gras make a wonderful gift for friends, giving them the opportunity to experience the wonderful flavours of some authentic products – so different from the mass-produced versions found on the supermarket shelves.




  • Several years in a cool, dry place





  • 120g Domaine de Castelnau Label Rouge duck foie gras from the Landes region : Label Rouge duck foie gras from the Landes region, salt and pepper
  • 100g Espinet Perigord duck bloc foie gras : Perigord duck foie gras, water, salt, pepper, sugar, nitrite salt
  • 125g « Pré aux Canards » duck bloc foie gras from the South-West: Duck foie gras from South-West France, water, salt, pepper, nitrite salt.



On rare occasions, especially in the run-up to Christmas, it is possible that we may run out of stock of a particular foie gras. Where this occurs we will substitute an alternative brand (of at least the same quality and at no extra charge to you). Please rest assured that we have taken every care to ensure that you will be satisfied with the replacement product.

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