Seasoning your foie gras


Foie gras is an exceptional food that requires nothing but a little delicate seasoning to make it into a dish that is nothing less than sublime.


Seasoning foie gras may be considered a technique by many amateur cooks, although the most renowned chefs will declare it an art.

Making an excellent foie gras is both simple and complex. Simple because a foie gras is just duck or goose liver, salt and pepper. Complicated because the quality of the ingredients (especially the liver), its preparation and cooking, and its combination with the perfect quantity of spices require precision and expertise. Further,  since each individual fat liver will need specific cooking and seasoning it is impossible to prepare foie gras in large batches or mechanically.



Whether you are frying your liver in a pan, or preparing a terrine, you have a choice of seasonings to use.


The best chefs compete with one another to offer the best pan-fried foie gras by adding, for example, meat (Tournedos Rossini), scallops, or fruit such as apple.


In the same way, they will season their foie gras terrines in many different ways. In the case of terrine preparation, having deveined with precision and separated the two lobes of the liver, they may let their chilled fresh foie gras marinate in a sauce for a few hours prior to cooking. This can work really well, allowing a variety of flavors to permeate the surface of the liver.


Possibilities for marinades are endless and you may like to try alcohol-based sauces using Sauternes, port wine or maybe an Armagnac or experiment with sweet flavors like vanilla, grape of redcurrant to add a touch of luxury to slices of foie gras.



With canned foie gras, whether it is a whole foie gras or a block of foie gras, it is the producer who determines on the seasoning. The best manufacturers will select quality sea salts like Guérande and peppers with a more or less pronounced taste (Sichuan pepper, Madagascar pepper etc), or even Espelette pepper.


It is then your choice whether to add anything before preparing the foie gras in your own way.


Here are our top 3 seasonings for foie gras preserves:


- add a little salt and pepper to your foie gras

This is the simplest seasoning: a few grams of sea salt, or a few extra peppercorns will spice up foie gras a little



- season your foie gras with fruity flavors

Nuts, onion chutney, fig chutney, raspberry jelly or apricot marmalade all work well and will delight those who appreciate sweet and sour combinations.



-Truffles are a great classic on your foie gras

The subtle flavor of the truffle is a perfect match to enhance an excellent foie gras



Foie gras is a great delicacy and there are as many methods of preparation and recipes as there are amateur chefs. With bread or toasted brioche, hot or cold, it is just so easy to delight your guests.