Where do people purchase foie gras?

Duck foie gras can be easily located throughout France and throughout the year in supermarkets, delicatessens and butcher shops. This most delightful of French delicacies comes from the enlarged liver of a duck that has been fattened and is most usually served sliced or as a pâté. Foie gras is the favorite dish of the French people who enjoy eating it, both on special occasions when they wish to please their guests as well as a snack in front of the television when they just want to indulge themselves!

At  every special celebration, foie gras is usually to be found presented on small toasts accompanied by onion chutney or fig jam alongside a selection of indulgent foods such as caviar, oysters and lobster and served with a luxury sweet wine like a Sauternes.


Foie gras comes in a variety of qualities and each has its own distribution channel.


Unsurprisingly, supermarkets and hypermarkets generally offer the lower grade products which are mass-produced industrially. Sometimes, the better, more authentic foie gras can be found in grocery stores or local shops; these are products that have been made by local producers following traditional methods.

By far and away the best way to purchase foie gras is to visit the southwest and eat local specialties from that region.


If you are able to visit the southwest of France, it is certainly worth knowing that each year, from November to March, the "Foires au gras" held throughout the southwest attract gourmets looking for quality products.


Local producers offer foie gras and truffles, as well as numerous goose and duck products. With the end of year holidays approaching, this is a great opportunity to enjoy and learn more about the producers and enjoy the stunningly beautiful villages of the region.


Tourism in the South West is based on the friendliness of the inhabitants, the beautiful landscapes and importantly the quality of the food. Tourists come to feast on the specially fattened poultry (goose and duck) and to sample magret, confit and foie gras.


Always sample before purchasing if you can


For those on a budget, there are lower priced products such as foie gras mousses or terrines available and these can be accompanied by more reasonably priced sparkling wines like prosecco.


While, generally speaking these products have neither the taste nor flavor of foie gras, they are sometimes excellent if they are produced by artisans who value quality. It goes without saying that you should beware of products aimed specifically at tourists, often seen in souvenir galleries.


These carry enticing labels but if you inspect the labelling you are likely to find the products contain many additives, preservatives and coloring.

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