Foie Gras Discovery Hamper

Foie Gras Discovery Hamper Hampers

Perfect for discovering or rediscovering wonderfully authentic bloc foie gras. Our Discovery Hamper contains 1 Perigord Goose bloc foie gras and 2 duck bloc foies gras.



This hamper provides a wonderful opportunity for you to appreciate for yourself the exceptional service and quality that defines Foie Gras Gourmet.





  • 65g Grolière Perigord goose bloc foie gras
  • 100g Espinet Perigord duck bloc foie gras
  • 125g Sud-Ouest « Pré aux Canards » bloc foie gras





  • From the delicate taste of the goose to the more robust flavour of the duck
  • This selection of bloc foie gras from ducks and geese provides the perfect opportunity to compare flavours between high quality bloc foie gras !


Average serving sizes


  • As a starter, serving foie gras on individual plates : 50 to 60g per person
  • As a canapé, 10 to 15g per piece (and you’ll very quickly notice that you need several for each person !)


Serving suggestions


  • Perfect for a very chic picnic
  • Serve on toasts with a spontaneous aperitif
  • As a classy starter for a meal with friends, neighbours or family
  • Ideal with a glass of wine when you need cheering up!
  • An intimate snack for two while watching your favourite film








  • Several years in a cool, dry place



65g Grolière Perigord goose bloc foie gras : reconstituted Perigord goose foie gras, water, salt, sugar, pepper
100g Espinet Perigord duck bloc foie gras : Perigord duck foie gras, water, salt, pepper, sugar, nitrite salts
125g Sud-Ouest « Pré aux Canards » bloc foie gras : duck foie fras from the South-West of France, water, salt, pepper, nitrite salts



On rare occasions, especially in the run-up to Christmas, it is possible that we may run out of stock of a particular foie gras. Where this occurs we will substitute an alternative brand (of at least the same quality and at no extra charge to you). Please rest assured that we have taken every care to ensure that you will be satisfied with the replacement product.

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