Secure payment


FoieGrasGourmet has partnered with Stripe, a leader provider of internet payment solutions for 17 years. Stripe manages payments securely for 14,000 clients which include Virgin Atlantic, Paddy Power and Aviva and in 2016 processed over 100 million transactions with a total value exceeding $35 billion. 


Stripe has ISO 9001 certification and complies with PCI-DSS security standards which are essential to ensuring that your payments are processed securely.


Stripe won “Best UK Ecommerce Solution Award” in London in 2015.



All information passing between you and our system is encrypted and protected using SSL. As such, all personal information connected with your order (your name, address and card details) will never be accessible by other parties on the internet.

Your card details are not recorded on any invoices, credit card slips or any other documents. FoieGrasGourmet does not have access to card details used by Stripe.


If you pay by credit card or Applepay, you will have to click on the button "Visa -Mastercard- Amex- Applepay" and you will then be automatically on the secure site of Stripe.


Payment using American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro with 3-D Secure


3-D Secure is a process applied to some online payment transactions to increase security when settlement is made using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. It provides and extra layer of protection against fraud, for example where card details may be stolen, for both cardholders and those selling products online. 

When completing your online payment, you are re-directed to our bank’s website from where your transaction is validated with your card issuer. These checks are completed using secure links and are not conducted on our website. In addition to providing the usual information (card number, expiry date and the security code on the back of the card), you will be prompted to provide additional information in the form of a password or 3-D Secure code, as required by your card issuer.  A secure code may take the form of:

  • A standard password (which you are able to change)
  • A code sent to your mobile phone
  • A code sent to your e-mail account
  • Your date of birth
  • Any other information known only to you and your card issuer.

NOTE :  The 3-D Secure code will never be the same as your PIN. You should never provide your PIN to anyone. You should also be aware that you have a maximum of 3 attempts to correctly input your 3-D Secure code.  Once you have provided the correct code, you are returned to our website to confirm your order which will be completed securely. If you have any difficulties in completing your payment, we advise that you contact your card issuer. 



Pay for your foie gras using Paypal


Paypal is the world leader in online payments. It processed 3 billion transactions across the world in 2013. 

Paypal is an online payments solution allowing you to pay for goods purchased online. 
The system has become successful through being secure, simple and fast. In addition, setting up a Paypal account is free.
Your bank details and card number are stored in your Paypal account and only you have the necessary code for accessing your account. You reduce the risk of your card details being copied each time you make a payment over the internet, making Paypal an extremely secure method of payment.
Once your Paypal account is set up, making payments is straightforward. Normally two clicks are all that are required to complete payment. 
If you would like more information, please visit

Payment for your foie gras by direct bank transfer




Direct bank transfer is a great way to pay for those not wishing to use a credit or debit card and who do not have a Paypal account. 

These payments do not require a credit or debit card, simply your usual online banking pass codes. It is not fully automatic so just let us first a message on your voice mail (+ 33 5 32 02 81 83) or send us a message at info[@] and we will come back to you very shortly.


Increasingly, transfers between European banks are free of charge. Sometimes costs, shared between senders and receivers, are charged, but they are not significant. We recommend using this solution only if you have a bank account in euros, otherwise charges will apply.







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