What is foie gras

FoieGrasGourmet grew from a partnership between two professionals : Christophe Haton, a teaching chef awarded the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France and me, with over 20 years’ experience in domestic and international shipping and an expert in delivering goods quickly, safely and efficiently.


We share a love of fine food and both adore foie gras.  

One day during my three years working abroad, I explained to Christophe that my British friends often asked me to bring them foie gras when I returned to France. I commented that the products available in the French hypermarkets always seemed somewhat insipid and lacked real flavour.   


Selecting our product range


I knew from the outset that I would never find anything that would compare with my grandmother’s wonderful homemade foie gras which I used to prepare with her in Perigord ! I was also only too well aware that when I was able to find good foie gras abroad it was ludicrously expensive. 

I searched online, too, and discovered that for the most part foie gras available only from high class grocers and other online market sites was of the industrially produced variety. More often than not, these were exactly the same products that I had encountered in the French hypermarkets but with extortionate delivery charges.





Our concept : offer foie gras produced by traditional producers with free shipping worldwide

Alongside the big brands, we knew that some really good individuals and small businesses that were still making foie gras in the traditional way. Following several trips to the south-west of France, we selected a number of possible products to offer. 

These, we placed before a tasting panel comprising foie gras lovers and catering professionals which was overseen by Christophe. Our aim was to select a small number of products of excellent quality, each with its own distinct and authentic flavour. It was based on the feedback from our tasting panel that we selected the four suppliers whose products feature on our website.



The very best of French food – abroad!


No-one would dispute that we can live without foie gras – but we also know that everyone likes to enjoy the best of French food at some time, not least French people living abroad! How better to spend a little time than by sampling a little of the best of foie gras from the South-West with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues?

Pascal Brighi