Foie gras, foi gras, fois gras or foix gras, different ways to write?

We all know that French language can be challenging at the best of times, so it came as no surprise to me to discover that almost half of the visitors to the website had misspelled foie gras in Google !  While it’s true that each of the different spellings gives the same pronunciation  (/ ˌfwɑː ɡrɑː /), just a little understanding will help us to select the correct spelling. 

Aquí aprenderá la manera correcta y común de escribir esta palabra

A little help to understand well how to spell correctly this French delicacy. 

Foi Gras (Faith Bold): no need for faith to eat foie gras

In French, the word foi means faith or belief, and total adherence to a human ideal that goes beyond a religious belief. We love foie gras but cannot claim that it’s a religion.

Fois gras: The word Fois means times and you can eat foie gras as often as you like 

Once, twice, three times a week. The foie gras is good for health. Nothing to do with pate or salami. But beware, eat it often, but in small quantities, because you should never abuse of the good things. 

Foix gras: there are definitely good foie gras in Foix, prefecture of Ariege, a department in southwestern France. And the foie gras de Foix may be excellent, especially if it complies with the specifications of the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). 

Foie gras: the correct spelling 

Note that the word foie gras comes from foie that means liver. In fact, the Egyptians gave to "ficum" (figs) geese to feed them. And the word ficum became foie and liver. The liver is said Jecur comes from Latin. From the word "ficus" (fig), made "ficatum" was initially designated as foie gras literally as "liver figs." 

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