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    Mini Hamper of Goose Foie Gras

    Foie Gras Gourmet
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    Our products all come from the South-West of France where the best foies gras are to be found! Discover new and wonderful flavors which marry well with chutneys, jams and wine.

    Foie gras comes from geese or ducks that have been force-fed.

    It is the French gastronomic specialty, as classic as caviar.

    Foie gras allows the realization of multiple recipes: it is possible to consume it hot grilled in the pan, or once cooked, to make whole goose foie gras or blocks of goose foie gras.

    Blocks of Goose and Duck Foie Gras are a preparation composed of several pieces of foie gras worked together and a little water (10% maximum) in order to obtain an emulsion with a totally smooth texture. 

    The advantages of the Block of Foie Gras are numerous: more affordable than the whole foie gras, it remains a 100% foie gras product with a very pleasant taste, easy to toast on bread or to integrate in a recipe (Tournedos Rossini, pasta with foie gras, sauce with foie gras).

    Goose or duck foie gras

    The taste of duck foie gras is more powerful and rustic than that of goose foie gras, which is sometimes considered blander but which gourmets appreciate for its subtlety and finesse.

    Less fatty than duck, goose foie gras lends itself perfectly to warm preparations such as pies, pies...

    It is possible to make excellent sauces with blocks of goose foie gras. 

    The blocks of foie gras are then seasoned and molded. Blocks of goose foie gras are less expensive than whole goose foie gras but their texture and flavor are excellent, but a little different than whole goose foie gras. 

    The ingredients for a good block of goose foie gras are very limited: only foie gras, a little water, sugar, and spices like salt and pepper. Avoid complicated recipes that often try to hide an inferior liver. And completely banish all artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. And all the products with names that are often a bit fancy but in fact misleading (foie gras terrine, foie gras medallion, foie gras pâté...). 

    If your terrine or your boxes contain pork, it is not a block of foie gras but a pâté that contains foie gras.

    On the other hand, enjoy a block of goose foie gras with truffles, onion or fig jam. And with a glass of a sweet white wine like a Sauternes.

    Blocks of goose foie gras are the ideal gift for gourmets

    During your dinners, do not hesitate to propose duck foie gras and goose foie gras. For example, make a salad and delicately place a slice of duck foie gras and a slice of goose foie gras on it, and ask your guests for their favorite foie gras.

    On toast, use blocks of goose foie gras and blocks of duck foie gras. Your guests will then be able to compare the color, textures and tastes of the different foie gras.

    A block of goose foie gras allows you to spend magical and surprising moments, creativity is a consumption engine to astonish and make a meal an exceptional moment.

    Packaged in metal boxes (tins), the blocks of foie gras can be kept for several years in your kitchen or refrigerator.

    Foie Gras Gourmet has made a selection of the best foies gras, which have obtained the best reviews in blind tests conducted by gastronomic experts (chefs, journalists, experts,..). Groliere goose foie gras has won numerous medals and the Foie Gras Gourmet goose foie gras has been judged "excellent" by a panel of experts in a great French gastronomic restaurant.

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