Le Pré aux Canards

Le Pré aux Canards

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    4 products
    Foie Gras de Canard Entier du Sud-Ouest 130 g - Foie Gras Gourmet

    Whole Duck Foie Gras from the South-West 130 g

    Le Pré aux Canards
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    Le Pré aux Canards: the best PGI SW ethical foie gras

    Pré aux Canards is a co-operative of producers who are based mostly in the Tarn, Aude and Aveyron areas of France. These producers share a common interest in perfecting the quality of their products.

    Three principles guide these producers:

    • Their animals are raised in freedom
    • Animal foodstuffs (mostly corn) are produced locally
    • Their recipes are traditional recipes from South-West France.

    Le Pré aux Canard: They each follow the strict standards required in order to qualify for the South-West France PGI

    Every stage, from duck breeding to foie gras canning, must adhere to precise quality criteria as detailed in the specifications. While external organizations already conduct inspections, the strength of these farmers lies in their unity around common and shared principles. This unity enables them to support one another while ensuring that each breeder meticulously adheres to the required standards of quality. This mindset and solidarity, rooted in traditional values, are invaluable assets in guaranteeing flavorful and generous products.

    Le Pré aux Canards foie gras has been awarded numerous medals, including a Silver Medal at the Paris General Agricultural Competition in 2012 for their whole duck foie gras.

    The Chef’s professional opinion 

    Le Pré aux Canards foie gras has a spicy, rich and robust flavour. 

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