Foie Gras and Customs

European Union: goods such as foie gras circulate freely and there are no customs controls or taxes.

The DOM-COM (French overseas departments and communities) often apply a so-called sea dues tax.

United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates formally declare not to apply taxes on parcels.

Outside the European Union, customs taxes and VAT may apply, except that there is no tax on foie gras below certain amounts in the following countries:

United States/Canada - No more shipping: Canada and the United States have strict regulations on the import of food products and in this case decided to restrict the import of Foie gras and other products. It is important to note that regulations may change over time, so we will inform our customers when it is possible to ship to these countries again.

Switzerland: no tax below 200 CHF

Australia: no tax below 1000 AUD.

New Zealand: no tax below 400 NZD.

Thailand no tax below 40,000 THB

Singapore: no tax below SGD 400

Russia: no tax below an equivalent of 200 EUR


You can find reliable information on the customs website of each country (for example, here is the official US Customs link) as well as on the Global Express Association (GEA) website and calculate the price you should pay on the Market Access Database (type the name of your country and the foie gras custom code: 160220).

These taxes and duties (taxes, VAT) cannot be paid by Foie Gras Gourmet. Customs charges will remain the responsibility of the recipient.

For more information or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info[@] and we will be really happy to help!