What to eat following foie gras?

Today, you're putting on a big show: the foie gras is the star feature on your table. But as divine as it may be, served as your starter it  will need support from the other courses to complete a heavenly meal. So what can you serve alongside your foie gras to satisfy your guests' appetites and prolong their moment of culinary ecstasy? Here are our tips and tricks for developing the perfect menu!

First up, a few tips for presenting your foie gras

It is always good to remember that foie gras is a dish that is both delicate and unctuous... but also that it is a relatively rich food - both from a sensory and nutritional point of view.

Foie gras para deleitar los momentos más especiales

If your appetizer already includes delicious block duck foie gras on toast, it's best not to follow it immediately with pan-fried goose or duck liver for a strater! Instead, plan a dish that refreshes the taste buds: vegetable terrines, carpaccios or broths will be perfect.

And for the main course? A dish with rustic connotations, perhaps using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, might be a winner or maybe, for an "all duck" tasting event go for a confit de canard. If you want to break with tradition, think of serving seafood which always oozes refinement.

To end your feast in style, a note of freshness will always be appreciated – there is no doubt that fresh fruits and sorbets are your best allies here!  And if you’re feeling totally adventurous, you could think about serving the foie gras as an entremets (between the cheese and the dessert) as was the custom in days of old.

Other suggestions from us would include

A duck breast for a resolutely Périgord menu

If you’re looking to recreate a gourmet getaway in the heart of the Dordogne, duck breast is an absolute must! Surrounded by a generous portion of Sarladaises potatoes - cooked in duck fat - and a garlic and marbled porcini mushroom sauce, this is the perfect accompaniment to a thin slice of Périgord foie gras. To finish the meal credibly, serve a nice slice of walnut cake - or a creamy cabécou cheese with a salty bite. This is a menu for very, very hungry guests!

Scallops for a refined touch

Want to lighten up the rest of the meal? Test new recipes with the finest foods? Go for some pan fried scallops simply stacked on a bed of leeks. Served with a lemon sauce, they will follow a prestigious goose foie gras from Grolière with absolute finesse.

If you prefer not to serve seafood but are looking for an equally elegant alternative, simply substitute the scallops with a fillet of sea bass or John Dory and serve on a hot mousseline of parsnips with truffles.

A fruity dessert for a light finish to the meal

We would recommend a tasty fresh fruit salad with grapes or for a hot dessert a baked apple with cinnamon. 

Generally speaking, avoid heavy desserts such as cheesecake – sweets rich in cream will not work well on an already heavy palate.  But if you really can’t resist a sweet, creamy pudding, try a delicately sliced piece of light white cheesecake served with a red fruit coulis.

And finally, don’t forget to include a fine wine

Such as a sweet Sauternes (which we would serve very slightly chilled at (between 10° and 13°C is the perfect temperature). 

Remember, whether you’re serving foie gras alone or accompanied by other dishes, exceptional flavor is directly linked to the quality of your foie gras. At Foie Gras Gourmet you’ll always find the best traditional tasting foie gras which has been made by local producers in France who want you to enjoy it!.

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