How to choose your foie gras?

The authentic Foie Gras, with different tastes 

All our products are selected for their superb flavour and excellent quality and are produced by smaller businesses which strive to ensure that their foie gras retains its traditional characteristics.

Just as with wine, each producer we have chosen has their own specialist know-how and produces a foie gras with its own unique flavour.

All the products we offer are quite different from one another, enabling you to select a foie gras according to your own personal taste. 

All producers are located in the South West of France  
Soft, delicate and highly refined flavour   Subtle flavour with a natural balanced taste   Spicy, rich and robust flavour   Strong, rustic and peppery flavour


From the delicate flavour of Grolière goose foie gras to the more robust character of the Label Rouge Domaine de Castelnau, we can offer the perfect foie gras, whatever your preference.

And of course, if you are unsure, we offer a selection of our products for you to sample and decide which foie gras you like best.