Four delicious ways to Serve Foie Gras at Christmas.

With its rich, silken mouthfeel and luxurious buttery flavor, foie gras is the perfect Christmas accompaniment. Not only does a thoughtfully purchased jar or tin make a show-stopping gift, foie gras is a sublime delicacy to serve to your family or guests this season.

Even if you only indulge in foie gras as a rare treat, Christmas is the time to do it; What simpler way to make a celebratory splash than with foie gras?Just open a jar or can of foie gras and enjoy!

From impressive party canapes to Boxing Day pick-me-ups, be inspired by our sumptuous ways to serve foie gras at Christmas.

Foie gras on toasted brioche with satsuma.

BEST FOR: Christmas Parties.

Elevate your Christmas party canapes to something truly special - with minimum effort. With a jolt of citrus to cut through the richness, we recommend serving your foie gras on dainty slices of brioche, topped with a disc of seasonal satsuma or orange.

 Simply toast your brioche slices, top with 1cm-thick slices of lightly-seared foie gras then crown with a disc of peeled, horizontally-sliced satsuma. If you have a culinary blow-torch, then try caramelising the satsuma with a sprinkle of brown sugar first.

Foie gras terrine.

BEST FOR: Christmas Eve.

 You can make it in advance so that you can spend your Christmas Eve in a relaxed atmosphere. Why not try spending a little more time in the kitchen and prepare a foie gras terrine for the family?

 You'll cook a fresh foie gras, seasoned to your liking (Armagnac, Sauternes or your favorite sweet wine) a day or two before Christmas and store it in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve it.

 The foie gras terrine is delicious spread on slices of toast and topped with your favorite fruit jelly for a tangy touch. You can always slice it and present it on a platter at your Christmas gatherings.

Foie gras-stuffed turkey

BEST FOR: Christmas Day

Have everyone fighting over that last piece of stuffing by infusing it with foie gras. When preparing your traditional stuffing mix with onions or shallots, mushrooms, sausage or chicken meat, simply add 200g-300g of bloc of foie gras when you add the mixture into your blender. The result is decadently creamy stuffing that will dazzle your guests.

Goose foie gras on sourdough with fig chutney.

BEST FOR: Boxing Day.

 When the whole family is still feeling the excesses of the Christmas Day’s over-indulgence, reach for a luxurious, yet effortless bite. A simple foie gras Christmas recipe, all you need to do is smear goose foie gras straight from the jar onto a slice of warm toasted sourdough, and top with a dollop of fig chutney. Whether a low-fuss lunchtime treat or evening indulgence, this foie gras dish is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

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