Label Rouge, IGP... and France origin

The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) mark for foie gras ducks from South-West France or Perigord and the Label Rouge mark both indicate a good quality foie gras. 

These, together with the Oie du Perigord appellation, also guarantee that your foie gras has been produced in France and in accordance with strict standards covering rearing and production                               

Label Rouge
IGP Perigord IGP Sud Ouest Oie du Perigord

PGI is a European standard. Label Rouge is a French standard which was in existence before the introduction of PGI and was designed to encourage the production of high quality products. In addition to production standards, the organoleptic qualities are monitored by the French Institute for Product Origin and Quality (INAO). 

What do these marks guarantee ?

The PGIs, marks and appellations apply to certain agricultural or food products for which certain criteria (for example production, maturing or processing) have been traditionally linked to a geographic area or to product quality. 

These provide assurance around : 

  • Traceability and the origin of your foie gras
  • Compliance with strict quality standards such as those governing the quality of foodstuffs, access to grass runs and rules governing hygiene. 
  • At each stage in the process, inspections are conducted by certified bodies. 

By choosing a foie gras which carries a PGI, the Label Rouge mark or the Oie du Perigord stamp, you can also be sure that your product has benefited from local know-how and has been made by people who are committed to delivering a quality product.  

While these quality marks do not mean that production methods are identical from manufacturer to manufacturer, they do provide reassurance that standards have been met, compared with other products labelled « Made in France » for which there may be no other rigid standards with which they must comply.