Can we freeze foie gras?

You have found a super recipe for a delicate foie gras terrine and want to get ahead with your Christmas preparations. You figure you will freeze it but suddenly you have doubts: is it safe to freeze foie gras? All the answers are here! 

Chefs in the finest restaurants freeze their pâtés, offal, foie gras and meat cut into small portions, then taken out of the ice box to cook at the last minute.  

 Can I freeze foie gras? 

Posts abound on the subject! Whether raw, semi-cooked or cooked, foie gras is perfectly suitable for freezing. However, there is one condition: it must not have already been thawed! Indeed, as with all meat items, refreezing risks the proliferation of potentially pathogenic bacteria, which can lead to food poisoning in the most severe cases. You should always take the time to carefully read the labels before buying.  

Freezing foie gras: instructions for use 

For raw foie gras 

A whole liver tends to release more fat during cooking. It is, therefore, often recommended to cook it first - for example in a terrine - before putting it in the freezer; However, it is possible to freeze it as is. First, remove the veins from the liver. Separate the lobes, then seal them in an airtight freezer bag, removing any air pockets before placing on a tray and freezing them. 

If pan-fried foie gras is your favorite dish, then cut your raw foie gras into 2 cm thick slices, wrap them in cling film and aluminum foil before placing them in the freezer. Packed in this way you protect both taste and texture.                  

For a semi-cooked foie gras 

Simply freeze the foie gras unopened in its original packaging. It will keep for several months. 

If it is already opened, don't worry! Cut it into thin slices and wrap them individually in several layers of cling film. Then wrap in aluminum foil before placing them in the freezer.

Thanks to this technique, you will be able to take out exactly the number of slices you want. No more waste!  

For a canned foie gras 

Canned goose foie gras and canned duck foie gras are sterilized and can be stored for several years in a cool, dry place, so there is no need to freeze if it is unopened. However, if you have opened a jar and wish to store some of the foie gras for another time, just follow exactly the same process as for the slices of semi-cooked foie gras, it works! Make sure, though, that you freeze it as soon as possible after opening.

Defrosting foie gras? 

Foie gras is fragile and requires slow thawing. For an optimal taste experience, take it out of the freezer 24 to 48 hours before eating it by placing it in the bottom compartment of the fridge. Be sure not to leave it too late to defrost slowly and carefully remove the packaging at the last minute to avoid excessive handling. 

How long can I keep it in the freezer? Between 10 months and 1 year maximum. Beyond that, its flavors may be altered and it may possibly become unfit for consumption. 

Always refer to the latest updated guidance for your freezer and once defrosted, if you have the slightest doubt based on the appearance or smell of any product you have defrosted, you should not consume it. 

Foie gras is a delicious but rich dish that should be enjoyed in moderation (60 to 80 grams per serving).  A whole liver will weigh about 450 grams, so plenty for six people!  

Guaranteed never frozen, Foie gras, Gourmet's duck and goose foie gras reflect French excellence. Presented in cans and tins, they can be kept in your cupboard ready to celebrate any important occasion. They are even available in different sizes to suit your needs, so you won't have to worry about freezing them! But if you do have any questions, we will be more than happy to answer them!

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