Duck foie gras

Our whole, preserved duck foie gras are small treats with huge flavour and are delicious as a gourmet snack with crusty bread or as an ideal gift.


When it comes to luxury foods, foie gras is a chef’s favorite, venerated for its simplicity, elegance and versatility. As a pâté, duck foie gras can be served in a variety of ways.

Whether you select whole foie gras or bloc foie gras, you can be certain that our products have been carefully selected from the very best producers in South-West France.


Whether you choose a foie gras with a PGI Perigord stamp, a PGI South-West France stamp or one that carries the prestigious Label Rouge, you can be sure that your duck foie gras will be of an exceptional quality with a balanced and full flavour.


With a distinct taste and more pronounced flavour than goose, duck foie gras is a true gastronomic delicacy. We offer an assortment of various duck foie gras products, boasting a succulent flavour. Our duck foie gras is packed with flavour.

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