How long can we keep pâté and foie gras ?

Pâtés are preserves that can generally be stored in their cans or jars for several years at room temperature. Remember, though, that foie gras itself is not a pâté although pâtés can contain variable amounts of foie gras, generally a mixture of between 20% and 50%. Products labelled whole foie gras or block foie gras are 100% foie gras. 

However, in terms of storage, much depends on the recipe used, the ingredients, the type of meat (pork, duck or goose) and the temperature at which it has been cooked. We advise you to always check the best before date on the container. 

While homemade preserves such as terrine of foie gras are often delicious and of better quality, these generally keep for a shorter period of time due to a less efficient cooking and sterilization process. Do not hesitate to keep them in the fridge but avoid storing them in the freezer. 

Fresh foie gras or semi-cooked foie gras needs to be refrigerated and consumed within a few months but the shelf life of canned foie gras is several years. While canned foie gras may be stored at an ambient temperature, remember there is nothing to prevent you from keeping an unopened can or jar in the refrigerator, ready to present an excellent appetizer to unexpected guests. 

There are some excellent and well-known pâtés on the market (for example, liver pâtés) and popular recipes such as pâté en croute which can be truly outstanding when prepared by master craftsmen focused on quality.  These experts know when to cut finely or on the contrary chop coarsely certain meats, exactly how much fat to include in a recipe and are experts in seasoning with herbs such as garlic, onions, rosemary and thyme. 

Avoid pâtés that are too fatty.  While  the inclusion of fat is essential to delivering a pleasant texture, a smaller portion of an excellent pâté is always preferable. 

Any French citizen will tell you that a good pâté, a good cheese, some good bread and a glass of wine makes for the perfect picnic or packed lunch. What better food to go than  delicate slices of foie gras on a fresh baguette accompanied by a glass of chilled wine (without ice, bien sûr!)

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