Foie gras

FoieGrasGourmet has carefully chosen 4 producers to ensure that you are able to select from a range of high quality foie gras across a range of different flavours.


  • At FoieGrasGourmet, all our products are produced in South-West France where they are prepared traditionally by people who are fiercely proud of their heritage.

  • Each of our foie gras has been chosen by our French master chef, based on the results of our blind tastings conducted with foie gras connoisseurs.


Foie gras has long been a French delicacy, and is now internationally popular, due to its exquisite, buttery taste.


Lauded in gourmet kitchens and home cooking alike, foie gras is versatile, yet is most often served as a starter. Here at Foie Gras Gourmet we offer a broad selection of duck foie gras and goose foie gras.


Our delicate foie gras jars are made of the highest duck foie gras. Our premium quality duck foie gras is produced by hand and boasts a rich, buttery flavour with a smooth velvety soft texture, proving as an eye-catching delicacy at dinner parties.


Our preserved Foie Gras entier jars are a popular gift choice for anyone with a fondness for French delicacies. The succulent duck foie gras entier jar has slightly gamier undertones. But if you’re looking for silky, rich and melting taste, goose foie gras is a holy grail of the food world served with some crusty bread and a sweet wine.



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