Foie gras producers

Foie Gras Gourmet offers blocks of foies gras and whole foies gras of goose and duck producers known for their quality.

Chosen after rigorous and demanding blind tastings, 4 producers Grolière, Espinet, Pré aux Canards and Castelnau, not to mention the Foie Gras Gourmet brand foies gras produced by the foies gras cooperative of Chalosse in the Landes have been selected.

On the site Foie Gras Gourmet, no foie gras from industrial companies but foies gras from family businesses or cooperatives grouping goose or duck farmers focusing on quality over quantity, and very attached to the welfare of their animals.

Raised in the open air, with unlimited water, the birds have a healthy and balanced diet with corn and wheat from the farm, but also enjoy the insects and earthworms they find in the fields.

All of these producers have had a similar history, starting out producing "homemade" preserves at family dinners and then selling them at local markets, to restaurants and then increasingly to tourists, more and more of whom are traveling hundreds of miles to come and taste the foies gras, confits, magrets and gésiers.

These companies rarely have the opportunity to export their foie gras to many countries and their customers are the gourmets and inhabitants of the South-West who know how to recognize superior quality products, the restaurants of the region, and more and more the tourists who appreciate spending a few days in the South-West of France to enjoy the sublime landscapes and taste the traditional salads of the South-West (with foie gras, gizzards,..), the mushrooms, truffles, sauces..

These producers of foie gras have been perpetuating tradition and quality for several generations. To obtain a tasty whole duck Foie Gras, the quality of the duck and goose livers is determining. It is necessary to carry out a very rigorous selection to retain only the livers of "extra" quality, then after this meticulous stage of control, it is necessary to separate the lobes and to manually remove the veins of the liver, to season it only with spices (a pinch of salt and pepper), without preservatives, additives or coloring agents, which will make it possible to develop a subtle savor and to thus preserve a taste and an authentic texture.

These companies have decided to use few machines and to work mainly by hand with qualified personnel, accepting the requirement and patience that these products require. But tradition also rhymes with an extreme requirement on the sanitary quality in order to guarantee a perfect food safety of the foie gras.