Espinet Foie Gras : the best of Perigord

Based in Périgueux, right in the heart of the Dordogne, Espinet has specialised in selecting the very best foies gras for over a century...



Foie gras Espinet: foie gras of the highest quality


The Espinet knowledge has been handed down through the generations and by strictly adhering to traditional Perigord methods, Espinet continues to produce a very high quality foie gras.



Espinet foie gras with the PGI Perigord stamp 


Espinet is a family-run business which has earned its reputation through carefully selecting the best products, and continuing to operate with a small team of highly qualified people who adhere to strict quality standards to ensure that they produce an authentic product.



Espinet foie gras was offered to Queen Elizabeth II


It was Espinet foie gras that was served to the Queen during her most recent state visit to France.  Espinet foie gras has a delicate yet balanced flavour and is often served at the very best French restaurants.  



The chef’s professional opinion


 Espinet foie gras has a subtle flavour with a natural balanced taste.


Made with finely chopped Perigord duck foie gras which is seasoned and emulsified. The Maison Espine..
14 €
The Maison Espinet block foie gras is a high quality product which slices easily, is full of flavour..
24 €
Flavour: Espinet duck foie gras has a natural, rounded taste.Ingredients: Perigord duck live..
29 €
The Perigord PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) enables the consumer to choose, with transparen..
39 €
La Maison Espinet is a modestly sized company based in Périgueux, a Prefecture in Dordogne. E..
49 €
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