French cuisine and gastronomy foie gras

According to a survey * carried out for the SNCF, the typical French dish which a French would have their European friends taste first is foie gras.No surprise, this is by far the favorite dish of the French and probably the most typical dish of French gastronomy. 

It is true that the French are generally very proud of their local products, and even more when they are traditionally produced. A Frenchman will always be proud to make you discover a small country wine which he has picked up directly from the producer.     

After the foie gras, the French would have their European friends discover oysters, Breton pancakes, strong cheeses (Munster, Epoisse) and truffles. 

On the other hand, the traditional French dishes that the Europeans would be most reluctant to taste are the thighs of frogs (we don’t find much of it in France), snails, andouillette and kidneys. 

The survey also shows that the more Europeans know France, the more prepared they are to taste specialties they do not know. 

According to the survey, men would be more likely to test dishes they do not know. However, when one sees the growing number of European tourists visiting the markets of Périgord and sitting in small restaurants offering traditional French dishes, it is easy to see that it is the whole family that enjoys French cuisine.

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