Foie Gras Hampers

At Foie Gras Gourmet, we have foie gras sets for you to try too. Our foie gras duck and goose entier duo set will make a flavoursome gift for anyone with a taste for French delicacies.



Our range of 5 foie gras hampers provides an excellent opportunity to sample the range of flavours offered by FoieGrasGourmet : from the rich elegance of our goose foie gras to the more robust and flavoursome duck foie gras. 


These hampers are perfect, whether you just want to spoil yourself in front of the television, prepare an elegant starter for your family meal or serve to your friends as delicious canapés. 


Because preserved foie gras is cooked at a high temperature it has an excellent shelf life, which makes it an ideal luxury item for your larder. 



The best foie gras at discounted price


Available in jars or tins, preserved duck or goose foie gras is an ideal indulgent treat when unexpected guests call. Once opened, it can be stored in its own jar or on a covered plate in your refrigerator for several days. Choose your preference - silky goose foie gras or the slightly gamier duck. Either will be especially delicious when served with a dash of Sauternes.


Goose foie gras develops a sweet and refined flavor in one’s mouth. For certain foodies, the flavor is slightly more subtle than that of the duck. Duck foie gras has a more pronounced taste. Its assertive flavor seduces many foodies and represents more than 90% of the production of foie gras throughout France.



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