Block of Goose Foie Gras from the Périgord 65 g

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Block of Goose Foie Gras from the Périgord 65 g
Block of Goose Foie Gras from the Périgord 65 g
Bloc de Foie Gras d’Oie du Périgord 65 g - Foie Gras Gourmet

Block of Goose Foie Gras from the Périgord 65 g

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(3 reviews)
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Based on 3 reviews

  • Erik J. Erik J.
    Published 01/02/2024 à 17:27. (Order date : 12/01/2024)

    Very good and fast!

  • Philippine . Philippine .
    Published 11/09/2023 à 17:11. (Order date : 11/09/2023)

    Quality was a disappointment

  • John . John .
    Published 01/12/2022 à 16:32. (Order date : 01/12/2022)

    We were first introduced to Groliere foie gras at a food festival at Sacre-Coeur in 2020. We just loved it! I purchased a number of small cans and brought them back to the states. We talked about getting more so I finally ordered them.

Périgord Goose Foie Gras block from 'J. Grolière' is a product of smooth and subtle flavor, easy to slice, exceptionally enriching appetizers and starters.

Périgord Goose Foie Gras block: An official designation aimed at promoting the quality of French goose Foie Gras.

  • Périgord goose Foie Gras adheres to very strict conditions with the intention of distinguishing itself from other standard-quality products. Additionally, the geese are raised freely in family-run farms in Périgord with access to open spaces.

Grolière is respected in Périgord for the quality of its products.

  • Since 1960, Grolière has earned its reputation for producing high-quality products. Its commitment to ensuring the authentic flavor of its Foie Gras products and to using traditional methods for their conservation has led to Grolière being recognized regularly at agricultural shows and competitions.

Flavors and tasting tips.

  • Flavor: Grolière's block of whole goose Foie Gras has a wonderfully delicate flavor and a beautifully smooth texture.
  • Périgord blocks of goose Foie Gras are made from Périgord goose livers that have been mechanically processed in a vacuum to provide a product with a consistent texture, a refined taste, and without obvious fat.
  • Serving suggestions: Turn out the Foie Gras and cut into even slices to serve as an aperitif on bread or toast. Alternatively, serve as a starter, either on its own with a little sea salt or with fig jam.
  • Recommendation: Place it in the refrigerator for a few hours before consuming it.
  • 65 grams is sufficient for a starter for one or two people.


Reconstituted Périgord goose liver, water, salt, sugar, and pepper (No artificial colors or additives).


  • The optimal consumption date of the productis indicated on the label, however, this product can be stored for several years in a cool, dry place (between 10 and 15°C). Once open, the Foie Gras can be kept for several days in the refrigerator and should be placed on a plate covered with plastic wrap.

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