Tips for Finding Foie Gras in the UK, US or Canada

When living abroad, one has the opportunity to discover new horizons, new cultures, and experience a different atmosphere. However, from time to time, one may feel a bit nostalgic thinking about family and friends back in France. In such cases, a solution is to indulge oneself and rediscover the flavors we love so much, such as the taste of foie gras, which is by far the favorite dish of the French*.

Finding good foie gras abroad is never too simple. Here's how you can buy foie gras or purchase it conveniently from anywhere:

Foie gras in a gourmet restaurant

The easiest way to find goose or duck liver by visiting a French restaurant. Very few French restaurants do not offer a foie gras-based dish on their menu, such as foie gras terrine, salad with foie gras, or pan-seared foie gras.

However, not everyone necessarily lives near a good French restaurant and may not have the means to afford a meal in such establishments. It must be acknowledged that the bill can sometimes be quite high, as French restaurants abroad are often luxurious, gourmet, and may have astronomical prices. Perfect for a special occasion, but not easy to afford regularly.

Find foie gras in a fine grocery store:

Another option to find duck or goose liver is to visit a high-end grocery store or a butcher offering French specialties. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to find, especially if you do not live near the city center of a major city.

Here too, the prices are often high, even very high, for foie gras of variable quality. We have been very disappointed to find that "industrial" foie gras is often sold in reputed grocery stores. These products are identical to those found in supermarkets in France but marketed under different brands. Despite their reputation and prices, these stores should be able to offer traditional foie gras from artisanal producers.

Our advice: if you are buying fresh goose or duck foie gras, make sure the label states Grade A. This indicates good quality foie gras. Also, note that frozen foie gras can be very good, as foie gras does not lose quality due to freezing.

Remember that a duck or goose foie gras can be excellent whether bought in a can, semi-cooked, fresh, or frozen. The flavor of the product mainly depends on the quality of the foie gras used and the skill of the producer. Free-range geese and ducks, fed with corn, will always yield much better quality foie gras than animals kept confined without the opportunity to roam freely in a meadow or field.

Buy foie gras online:

Few countries lack online gourmet grocery websites offering French gastronomic products such as foie gras, wine, or cheeses. Here too, on the internet, you can find everything, both good and not-so-good. There are reputable professionals offering good products, but unfortunately, there are also many lower-quality products. It can be frustrating to buy a product at two to three times the price in France. So, type "foie gras" into your search engine (the term is not translated in many countries), browse the internet, and compare products, prices, and delivery methods.

Marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, or Alibaba may also offer duck or goose. Be even more attentive and, most importantly, check the product composition thoroughly. The label "Made in France" is not a guarantee of quality. Always prefer goose or duck foie gras with the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) or Label Rouge designation, even if it is a bit more expensive. While not an absolute guarantee, it is an additional indicator of a quality product because the producer had to adhere to strict specifications during the production of foie gras.

If you want to find canned foie gras, carefully read the list of ingredients and avoid any foie gras containing colorings, preservatives, or alcohol (wine, port, etc.), as their presence often serves to conceal lower-quality products.

You can also type fois gras, foi gras, French foie gras, organic foie gras, natural foie gras, homemade foie gras, foie gras appetizer, duck liver, goose liver and if you want a cheap product that contains foie gras, write: pâté of foie gras, duck liver pâté or goose liver pâté.

Can I find foie gras produced in a country other than France (Canada, the United States, Hungary, Bulgaria, China...)?

This is sometimes possible, especially if you live in North America, where Canadian or American foie gras is readily available. However, be aware that it is not exactly the same product you are accustomed to consuming in France. The production methods differ, and, more importantly, many additives are included.

At Foie Gras Gourmet, we believe that good foie gras is only foie gras, salt, and pepper. So once again, be cautious of products containing colorings, preservatives, or other additives. Similarly, flashy names such as foie gras mousse, foie gras delights, or other foie gras pâté are not recommended, as they often hide "low-quality" products that contain foie gras, but also duck or pork meats and fats, as well as various odd ingredients like flour, colorings, preservatives, and additives.

Apart from American and Canadian foie gras, which have a different taste but are produced like in France under strict hygiene conditions, we can only recommend extreme caution with "exotic" origin products. In France, especially in the Southwest, there is a unique world-class expertise and tradition that is difficult to replicate with the same quality. Finally, strict hygiene rules are adhered to.

The canned foie gras we offer, having been heated to 110°C, poses no food safety risk due to a break in the cold chain, as they can be stored at room temperature. The sterilization of foie gras also allows them to pass customs without any problems in many countries with strict hygiene regulations (United States, Australia, Japan, etc.). And, most importantly, canned foie gras is the traditional method, preserving all the aromas and authentic flavor of the product. Simply on toasted bread or in a salad, it is delicious.

So, don't forget, you can enjoy excellent French goose or duck liver in more than a hundred countries worldwide. There's no need to wait for Christmas to delight yourself, impress your neighbors and friends, or treat yourself alone in front of the TV or during a family meal.

Of course, we can only recommend ordering your foie gras from Foie Gras Gourmet. Foie gras delivery is free worldwide, and our foie gras has been selected by a panel of gourmets. In 2015, two out of the four brands we offer won a gold medal at the agricultural competition of the Paris International Agricultural Show. We haven't made a mistake, and we are proud of the products we offer.

Good luck in your search, and bon appétit! Feel free to share your comments or ask any questions about foie gras.

*According to a survey conducted in 2013 by the Ministry of Economy during the organization of the Gastronomy Day.

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