Foie Gras is an Excellent Choice for Christmas

Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry, so when it comes to preparing your festive feast, there’s no reason to be modest. Along with the traditional turkey comes plenty of trimmings, and for those who want a real treat, this means foie gras.

If you’ve never had foie gras on your Christmas table before, you’re missing a real treat. Here’s why it makes such an excellent choice for the festive season.      

A delicious addition 

There are so many delicious foods at Christmas that it’s easy for them all to blend into one, but foie gras is an extra-special culinary delight which will really stand out. 

A soft texture that melts on the tongue, quality foie gras is rich, meaty yet creamy too. Foie gras is delicate and almost buttery, but with a subtle flavour which is simply unmistakable. 

There’s no other Christmas food which compares to the sheer decadence of a good foie gras, and it works wonderfully when accompanied by fruit, or even a glass of wine, with the richness contrasting beautifully with a touch of acidity for the perfect partnership. 

Festive food 

When you’re preparing your Christmas food, you’ll undoubtedly be looking for some delicious ingredients which you don’t serve up all year round. A traditional Christmas meal is so much more than just a roast turkey; it’s all the accompaniments and garnishes which elevate it to something truly special. 

Foie gras is one of those foods which aren’t eaten every day. Exclusive, luxurious and exquisite, it’s not a budget buy and to get the good stuff, you need to know where to go. And for these reasons, foie gras is ideally suited to even top notch banquets. 

Although it’s possible to find premium foie gras to buy, it’s something that’s reserved for special occasions and what better time of year than Christmas to dish up a culinary delight? 

Eat like the culinary connoisseurs 

The very best chefs and culinary experts know the most delicious and best foods to serve up and you can be sure to find foie gras on their Christmas menu, without fail. 

Some festive foods are tricky to prepare or source, or may even be out of your budget, but foie gras is one of the more accessible luxury food items which everyone can enjoy. 

Of course it’s not a cheap treat, it’s an indulgence, and that’s why it’s perfect for those extra-special occasions. But the sheer decadence of enjoying such a rich dish will make it all worthwhile! 

Restaurant quality food is hard to achieve at home, but when you buy a good quality foie gras, you can enjoy the same complex yet subtle flavours, imbued with that delightful creamy texture that you’d see in any top eatery. 

Treat your family and friends to a little piece of culinary heaven this Christmas and choose foie gras for your table. 


It’s important to be somewhat picky about where you buy your foie gras, because not everywhere offers the same quality. And if you opt for anything less than the best, you won’t enjoy the same buttery, rich taste that’s so sought after. 

Even if you don’t live in France, foie gras is widely available, either at a good quality delicatessen or by purchasing online. If you’re buying fresh foie gras, looking for Grade A on the packaging is vital if you want the very best product. 

It’s absolutely fine to buy foie gras frozen, or in jars; the important factor is to check for quality of ingredients. Avoid anything with alcohol, colours or preservatives: a good foie gras needs nothing artificial, just a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Extra ingredients typically hide a foie gras with less than optimal quality.

When you buy online, look for foie gras products labelled with either IGP - Indication géographique protégé - or Label Rouge. They’re not a surefire guarantee but are a fair indication that the foie gras is of a high quality. 


Make your Christmas extra special this year by serving up foie gras to your guests. A small slice of absolute indulgence, it’s the luxury that your Christmas menu has been waiting for….

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