How to store preserved foie gras

Foie gras is prepared from the fresh liver of a duck or goose. There are many ways to cook it and even more different recipes. 

The dish requires a great deal of technical skill, The two lobes of the duck or goose liver must be delicately separated without damaging the central vein, then chefs look for the most original spices and ingredients to accompany the foie gras and impress their customers by helping them discover subtle flavor combinations.

Foie gras is cooked for a few minutes on each side in its own fat, or baked in a terrine using a bain-marie. Foie gras is served as a starter in all great luxury restaurants in France.

But be careful, foie gras must then be eaten immediately – it cannot be preserved. 

Conserving foie gras

While the vast majority of French people eat fresh foie gras in restaurants, they prefer canned foie gras throughout the year at home, buying industrial manufactured foie gras in supermarkets or purchasing traditional, best quality foie gras in delicatessens or from their local butcher.

This is immensely practical, and an excellent dish for parties because a good foie gras remains expensive and, preserved, it keeps much longer.

Preserved foie gras has been sterilised (cooked at a temperature between 100 and 105°C) and, has a long shelf life (up to 4 years).

You can keep foie gras for several years at an ambient temperature (eg kitchen, pantry). If you want to be ready to indulge unexpected visitors, there is no problem keeping the unopened foie gras in the refrigerator as long as you want.

Serve foie gras on freshly toasted crusty bread like a good baguette to provide your guests with a memorable starter that they will enjoy and remember.

Experts say foie gras is like wine and it gets better with time. This comparison is completely fair. But remember that a poor wine stored for several years will never become a great vintage! Excellent foie gras will improve with time …. a lower quality of foie gras may not!.

Whole foie gras in a jar

No need for lengthy preparation if friends are coming for lunch.  Just pop the foie gras in the refrigerator for a few hours to chill and serve with a good baguette, a sweet wine like a Sauternes or a Montbazillac…and you become a Chef for this special occasion. 

Once the jar of the foie gras has been opened, you just have to reseal it and put it back in the refrigerator where you can store the foie gras for several days without a problem.

Foie gras blocks in a tin 

Regarding blocks of foie gras, do not store the foie gras in its can once opened. We recommend you place the unconsumed foie gras on a small plate and cover with cling film. You can then keep the foie gras in the refrigerator for several days.

Some people say that foie gras is the best pâté that exists; in fact its flavor is incomparable, and foie gras simply incomparable with a pâté!

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