Can we cook the foie gras sold at Foie Gras Gourmet ?

Some customers asked me this question. They want to know more about foie gras and how to serve it.

It'se3 not that simple, and my answer requires some explanations. 

The foies gras sold at Foie Gras Gourmet are preserved foie gras. 

This is the traditional, authentic recipe, made for decades to preserve all the aromas of foie gras. The foies gras have been cooked at 110 degrees, and thus sterilised so that they can be kept for several years at room temperature in complete safety.

This is the original recipe of the farmers of the south-west of France who raised ducks and geese in the spring, then elaborated the foie gras during the summer to be eaten in autumn and winter, when food was scarcer. It is the traditional festive dish of the Christmas festivities.  

Canned foie gras cannot be re-cooked 

The foies gras have already been cooked, so it is not possible to cook them again. But I know why this question is being asked.

You have often discovered foie gras in restaurants. Either in a great French restaurant in your country (French restaurants often want to preserve the reputation of French gastronomy by offering dishes that have required a lot of justify an often very costly addition), or in a restaurant in France. 

In restaurants, two types of foie gras recipes are very often proposed 

Foie gras salads

The chef will then prepare a salad with small vegetables then he will decorate this salad with a slice of foie gras. It is excellent and you can perfectly make this recipe with the foies gras marketed by Foie Gras Gourmet. 

Pan-fried foie gras 

The cook uses raw foie gras that he cuts into escalope and then grills it in a pan with a slightly sweet flavour, like raspberry vinegar. This is also very good, but unfortunately shipping fresh foie gras by any carrier is very complicated. And outside Europe, customs block shipments of fresh foie gras, fearing that the carrier may not have kept the foie gras at 4 degrees throughout the journey. 

To make no secret, the vast majority of foie gras is eaten in France in meals with friends and the recipes are often less elaborate. The most common way to enjoy foie gras is often only with a good loaf of bread. 


To be precise, there is one exception where it is possible to cook blocks of foie gras: to make foie gras sauces

It's a bit of a pity with foie gras of such good quality but it is possible to make excellent sauces to accompany white meat (poultry such as chicken but also guinea fowl or grilled geese), red meat (the very well known filet of beef with foie gras sauce) or game. 

Pasta with foie gras is also a well-known dish served in the best Italian restaurants in France. 

It is very simple: just mix pieces of foie gras block with fresh cream in a small saucepan, let the foie gras melt and then pour this sauce over the chosen dish. 

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