Truffle and Foie Gras: A Gourmet Harmony

The combination of foie gras and truffle could be considered one of the essential culinary pleasures for lovers of good cuisine. That is why the star of this article is the truffle, which will be accompanied by other ingredients to highlight its unrivaled flavor:

Potato, rice, eggs or pasta perfectly capture the powerful flavor of the truffle, but there are also aromas and flavors that reveal its scent even more, anything garlicky. For example, if you are preparing a truffle omelette, start by rubbing the pan a little with a clove of garlic, you will feel the taste of the truffle more, it is delicious!

You can also capture the incredible flavor of truffle with chives, onion or leek. Already raw, the truffle is perfect in a salad or with celery.

Another ingredient that should not be forgotten when preparing truffles are macaroni, its preparation is extremely simple, since you just have to mix the ingredients and sauté them for a few minutes. This is clearly a great choice when you want to surprise someone with something simple but high quality and amazing taste, they will surely be your next preparation!

Don't forget to add the parmesan which, in very small quantities, also acts as a truffle revealer!

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