What products would the French make their foreign friends try?

Foie gras, a French culinary specialty, is an ultimate local product. Foie gras is a high-quality product from ancient regional traditions. Integrated in regional traditions, it symbolizes an art of living and is the symbol of exceptional meals. 

Foie gras, a staple of the greatest French restaurants abroad. 

80% of French people like foie gras and consider it an indispensable product of festive meals and consume them at least once a year. 

Foie gras inspires the greatest chefs from all over the world who have been able to showcase its taste qualities and elevate it to the rank of a product of high gastronomy. 

Foie gras is also praised by foreigners living in France 

Foie gras has also become a favorite dish of foreign tourists who very often return from their holidays in France with many boxes of foie gras in their luggage. 

Because they know that even if the production of foie gras is mainly a family and craft activity, the foie gras that they will have the possibility to buy in Spain will be most often less good because it is produced by industrial groups which are only financially able to export their products outside the south-west of France. 

Anglo-Saxon tourists appreciate French gastronomy

Whether they come from Europe (English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish), the United States or Canada, Asia (Singapore or Hong-Kong) or Australia or New Zealand, tourists enjoy celebrating the pleasant moments of life around a good table. With their French friends, they like to practice during their holidays the art of "healthy eating" and "good drinking". 

Moreover, besides the quality of the landscapes, the mild climate, French gastronomy is one of the major reasons why tourists come from all over the world.

And once they have tasted, the "Brits", they enjoy the foie gras as much as the French.

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