Grolière foie gras: the best of Perigord goose foie gras


Jeanne Grolière began by using recipes passed to him by his parents and grandparents in Le Bugue in the heart of the verdant Perigord...



Grolière : Their experience and knowledge passed down from one generation to the next enable them to carry out the entire production process in the appropriate manner


With his excellent products, Grolière earned a wonderful reputation which, more than 50 years later is retained by his sons who still produce their foie gras in the family’s traditional way.  Grolière is renowned as an expert in preserving the authentic Perigord flavour.  



Grolière: Oie du Périgord appellation


Grolière’s goose foie gras is one of the few goose foies gras to carry the Oie du Périgord appellation.  This appellation guarantees that the geese have been reared locally and in compliance with strict specifications.



Grolière foies gras have received many awards

Les foies gras d’oie Grolière ont obtenu de nombreuses médailles dans les concours les plus prestigieux. En 2013, le foie gras d’oie Grolière a obtenu les Palmes d’Or du Périgord, une médaille d’argent au concours agricole de Paris et une autre médaille d’argent au concours national du foie gras de Saint-Sever. En 2014, le foie gras d’oie Grolière a obtenu une nouvelle fois les Palmes d’Or du Périgord.


The Chef’s professional opinion


 Grolière goose foie gras has a soft, delicate and highly refined flavour.


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