Best French Products to Enjoy on any Occasion

French cuisine is very rich. There are hundreds of recipes some of which have gone all around the world and today make up a part of the world’s gastronomic heritage. French people love inventing new recipes and adore cooking for their friends and getting their friends to discover new flavours. 

People go to France to immerse themselves in the cuisine of the place, in onion soups, baguettes and macarons.

The French always say that it is better to eat a small amount of a gourmet and well-prepared dish than a large amount of processed and cheaply sourced foods. There are some basic ingredients that make up the essence and uniqueness of the art of French cuisine.

Here are some ingredients that you can add to your dish to give it a French flavor.

Wine is truly indispensable for French people

The French are known for using fine alcoholic beverages in their cuisine. Many famous French dishes, such as onion soup and the famous Boeuf Bourguignon, get their strong flavors from red wine. In French cuisine, meat is usually boiled or stewed in a broth made with red wine.

Red wine brings out the aromatic flavor of the meat and gives the juice the right sweet and full-bodied flavor. Like onion soup, the beef broth is given an extra touch, with a splash of wine. Even in Coq au Vin, chicken and mushrooms are stewed in red wine.

Cheese is the ideal complement to finish each meal

The French are blazing their own trail when it comes to cheese. They do not believe in cooking with cheese, but rather eat it before meals as an appetizer. You won't find an authentic French dish containing cheese, but when you go to any French party, you'll immediately see a plate of gourmet cheese and crackers, not that half-baked stuff.

To give your next gathering a French touch, pair the wine with some cheese like blue mold, gouda, feta, and crackers.

Oysters, another delicacy that you should enjoy in France

No one likes oysters like the French people, although they are eaten in many places around the world. The French can eat them with tarragon butter, with garnishes like watermelon, or sometimes just with a little salt and lemon. Delicious oyster dishes can be found all over France and having this gourmet dish at your dinner party will certainly give you all the right French feels at home. Keep it simple and let the seafood do the talking.

Truffles, the most sophisticated black gold

Another delicacy that is often associated with France as they made this mushroom world famous. It is currently used almost all over the world, but it was in France where it was cultivated on a large scale. For those who have never tried truffles, it is a type of black mushroom, similar to other types of mushrooms, it has a very earthy flavor and can be used as a topping for salads and pizzas.

Foie gras, traditional dish of French cuisine

In 2013, during the French gastronomy day, a poll was taken to discover the most emblematic dish of French gastronomy, it’s foie gras that came out on top (with a large majority), before the “pot au feu” (beef and vegetable stew) or the “la blanquette de veau” (veal stew).  

A traditional French dish, it’s also the favourite dish of French people because 80% of French people claim to love foie grasNo need to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen to treat your friends, there’s nothing better than a little foie gras on a slice of bread or in a salad. 

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