Foie gras, France’s favourite dish

French cuisine is very rich. There are hundreds of recipes some of which have gone all around the world and today make up a part of the world’s gastronomic heritage. French people love inventing new recipes and adore cooking for their friends and getting their friends to discover new flavours. 

In 2013, during the French gastronomy day, a poll was taken to discover the most emblematic dish of French gastronomy, it’s foie gras that came out on top (with a large majority), before the “pot au feu” (beef and vegetable stew) or the “la blanquette de veau” (veal stew).  

A traditional French dish, it’s also the favourite dish of French people because 80% of French people claim to love foie grasNo need to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen to treat your friends, there’s nothing better than a little foie gras on a slice of bread or in a salad. 

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