"Foie Gras Gourmet" PGI South-West Duck Block of Foie Gras 100g (3.52 oz)

Out Of Stock "Foie Gras Gourmet" Block of duck foie gras 100g

Tasty and smooth, the "Foie Gras Gourmet" duck foie gras block is characterised by its sustained flavour and the directness of its aromas.

Introduce your friends to this great classic of French gastronomy, a favourite of many French people that can be found all year round in gourmet kitchens.


Foie gras of impeccable quality

Duck foie gras from the Southwest complies with very stringent production standards, which set it apart from standard quality products.


A block of duck foie gras with the IGP label (or PGI : Protected Geographical Indication) represents an official guarantee of origin and quality. These blocks of foie gras are all from farm ducks raised in freedom in the countryside of southwestern France on small farms and fed with farm corn.


The IGP Sud-Ouest is a European label that provides consumers with complete transparency and confidence, enabling them to choose foie gras whose geographical origin and quality are guaranteed by compliance with strict specifications established by external organisations (ensuring standards of hygiene in breeding and production sites, traceability, large areas of freedom for ducks).


This block is also ideal for recipes requiring foie gras (sauces, tournedos Rossini, etc.).


Foie gras in general benefits from the addition of spices, enhancing its natural flavour palette. You can therefore enjoy these blocks of duck foie gras simply on bread or in a salad, season them with a little salt and pepper or enjoy them with onion relish or fig chutney.


Composition: "Foie Gras Gourmet" PGI South-West Duck Block of Foie Gras : Reconstituted duck liver from the south-west of France, water, salt, sugar, pepper, spices.

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