Free shipping worldwide

Free shipping worldwide



Free shipping as of 49 euros (within the European Union) and 99 euros (outside the European Union)


Foie Gras Gourmet guarantees free worldwide delivery of your orders greater than 49 euros for countries within the European Union and 99 euros for any other country (or an equivalent amount in one of the many currencies accepted by the website).



Your foie gras will be shipped in less than 24 hours (except weekends) through priority service.


Moreover, we pay special attention to the quality of the packaging allowing the foie gras to reach you in top conditions.

Always reachable through email, know that we take every necessary step to ensure that deliveries are made without difficulty. We undertake to reimburse without discussion, any client who unfortunately encounters difficulties in receiving their foie gras.



In the countries of the European Union , your foie gras will be both sent and delivered by DPD Group and will generally reach your destination within 3 to 5 business days following your order.






DPD Group is the second largest parcel company in Europe with brands as famous as DPD in many European countries, as well as Chronopost in France and Portugal, BRT in Italy and SEUR in Spain. DPD Group has received numerous prizes and awards for the quality of its services.



Outside the European Union, the foie gras will be sent through priority service and delivered by your postal operator as a recommended service. Depending on the country, delivery takes between 5 and 10 business days. Notably, thanks  to the tracking number, postal operators now offer a reliable and safe service across many countries.







Foie Gras Gourmet will send you an email containing the tracking number that will allow you to follow the routing of your order.





Warning: the holiday season is a very busy period for all carriers. At this time, delivery delays may be longer than usual.


We advise you not to wait until the last minute to order your foie gras and to order instead as soon as you feel like it (the foie gras takes up very little storage space to store and simply need to be set in the refrigerator a few hours before eating).








The foie gras and Customs



Throughout all the countries of the European Union, goods travel freely without any customs control or duties.


Outside the European Union, Foie Gras follows the general customs regulations for food products.


The fact that our foie gras is kept both at room temperature in sealed containers, that our producers have the necessary authorization and that we meticulously fill out the customs documents allows us to export to many countries outside the European Union.



Customs taxes may still apply. Nevertheless, one should take into consideration that:


- Certain countries formally declare that they do not apply taxes (Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, etc...).


- Other countries, even more numerous, do not tax packages when the order is less than a certain amount: in other words, this means there is no tax for your foie gras heading to the United States for orders of less than 800 USD, to Australia (less than 1000 AUD), to New Zealand (less than NZD 400), to Thailand (less than 40 000 Baht), and also to Singapore (less than 400 SGD), etc...


- In the end, even if other countries declare charging customs duties, such apply them only very rarely. In fact, for most postal packages, the cost of collecting taxes is often higher than the amount of tax itself.


You can find reliable information on the customs website of each country (for example, here is the official US Customs link) as well as on the Global Express Association (GEA) website.


For more information or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate in contacting us at info[@] and we will be happy to help!


In  the map below, you will notice that Foie Gras Gourmet does not deliver to a certain number of countries. This is due to the lack of reliable postal operators, customs regulations prohibiting the importation of food products and/or customs blockades on which it is completely impossible to obtain even the slightest explanation (in a few countries, 9 packages out of 10 are distributed without difficulty but the 10th package is blocked, it "disappears" and we have to send a second package back to a dissatisfied customer, or reimburse the purchase which causes the economic balance to be rather risky for Foie Gras Gourmet. We only want to make our customers happy).



If you live in a country that is not yet covered by Foie Gras Gourmet, contact us by email and we will do our utmost to attempt to satisfy your needs -  in compliance with the regulations of each country.




Map Legend


In green: Countries without customs duties (the European Union) or having  high customs thresholds


In yellow: Countries where customs duties do exist (although we often note, for example, that Canadian, Japanese or Swiss Customs very seldom collect the taxes on our customers' packages).


In red: Countries where we only deliver following a prior discussion with our customer (who should expect to have a high chance of paying customs duties). If you wish to ship foie gras in one of these countries, please contact us by email and we will provide the latest information at our disposal.


For example, even if the country appears in red, we deliver our foie gras to Brazil, however you must first provide us with your tax identifier number (VAT/GST). Taxes are different according to region and can be estimated on the Ministry of Finance of Brazil website.



If we ask you to provide us with  your mobile phone number, such is not be a bother (we refuse  to participate in telephone solicitation of any kind  and will in no way communicate your contact details to another company for a commercial reason) however, to facilitate delivery. In many European countries and for DPD Group in particular, an SMS message is sent in order to notify  the recipients on the day preceding the delivery of their of the package.