Celebrate your Easter meals the right way: with Foie Gras!

Wake up, it’s almost Easter! Now is the time to think about the dishes you will prepare and enjoy, to celebrate an important moment of the year.

Indeed, Easter is a happy holiday, that celebrates the rebirth of nature. I hope this year it is the beginning of a period announcing the end of the confinement. 

It was Espinet foie gras that was served to the Queen Elizabeth II during her most recent state visit to France. 

First of all, as tradition prevails, children will go on egg hunts, looking for chocolate eggs in their countryside gardens or on balconies in the city, while the parents, grandparents and friends prepare Easter Lunch which will bring them all together. 

If an Easter egg hunt is not possible to do this year, nothing prevents you from having a delicious, refined meal full of surprises for your guests! 

This year, to properly celebrate Easter, prepare a meal for your friends and family that they won’t forget. 

If it is not possible to have Easter lunch with your family this year, treat yourself! This difficult period has made us realize just how precious and short life is, to not enjoy small moments of pleasure.

What dishes to make for Easter?

If Christmas has its Yule Logs, Easter has its lamb! Indeed, holidays and traditions are intrinsically linked to flavors or essential recipes, appreciated by many. To stay in the Easter theme, you may serve a cake in the shape of a bell, a nest, or even an egg. Do not hesitate to go for a rich chocolate dessert that will delight youth and elders alike. 

What to choose as a starter? foie gras .

For Easter, foie gras plays an essential role to having a festive meal. By having this symbol of French gastronomy on your table, it will bring and combine modernity and tradition. 

The advantage of this delicious dish is that opening a jar or box of foie gras and placing it delicately on a piece of bread or a salad takes very little time.

In less than 5 minutes, you are starting your meal with excellent toasts or a salad with foie gras. No need to be a great cook to impress your guests. Serving foie gras is so easy. And delicious! 

So, whatever type of meal you have planned, foie gras is perfect for any situation, from the most laid back to the most sophisticated. Traditional Sunday lunch with family, aperitif, picnic or brunch, or to treat oneself while watching television, a good foie gras always finds its place and is perfectly adapted to a traditional and trendy cuisine while enchanting the taste buds of gourmets. 

Delicacy, sharing and generosity are the quintessence of a successful Easter meal. 

From the starter to desert, your Easter meal looks more delicious than ever. Whether you are lucky enough to be with family, with friends or alone this year, treat yourself and don't wait any longer to order your foie gras for the Easter holidays today!

Happy Easter!

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