How to store preserved foie gras

The conservation of canned foie gras


The preserved foie gras was sterilised (cooked to 110 °). It has a long shelf life (up to 4 years).

So you can keep the foie gras several years in a warm place (kitchen, pantry). If you want to overcome any unforeseen (a little hungry, arriving unexpectedly from friends or neighbors), no problem to keep the foie gras in the refrigerator as long as you want.

Experts say foie gras is like wine and it gets better with time. This comparison is completely fair. But remember that keeping a poor wine several years would never be a great vintage. Excellent foie gras will improve with time, if the foie gras is not so good... it's not so sure.



Whole foie gras in jar


Once the jar of the foie gras has been opened, you just have to close it and put it in the refrigerator. You can keep the foie gras several days without problems.



Foie gras blocks in tin


Regarding blocks of foie gras, do not keep the foie gras directly into its tin box after opening. We suggest you ask the unconsumed foie gras in a small plate and cover with plastic wrap. So you can keep the foie gras in the refrigerator for several days.