"Foie Gras Gourmet" South-West Whole Goose Foie Gras 180g (6.35 oz)

"Foie Gras Gourmet" Whole goose foie gras 180g

"Foie Gras Gourmet" whole goose foie gras is delicious served on bread or in a salad.

Recognized for its rarity and finesse, goose foie gras from the Southwest is produced in small quantities and therefore highly sought after by connoisseurs.

To really treat your guests to something special, opt for a whole goose foie gras from the Southwest, a true classic of French gastronomy.

Toasted on bread or as part of a salad, in thin slices or thicker ones, this whole goose foie gras will seduce you with its delicate flavour, getting your meal off to an exceptional start.

Whole goose foie gras is a premium product, with a truly refined taste, and a subtle and unctuous flavour which develops fully over time in the mouth. It encapsulates a whole host of aromas. It is an ideal gift for celebrations.

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