Foie Gras Gourmet

Foie Gras Gourmet only offers duck foie gras and goose foie gras from the "South-West" of France, exclusively from ducks and geese raised in the open air and fattened with corn.


All our foie gras are prepared in the traditional way, according to recipes inherited from the culinary know-how of the South-West, from duck and goose livers rigorously selected for their quality.


The classic, straightforward taste of duck foie gras has won over a large audience of connoisseurs, while goose foie gras, with its delicate taste, is winning back the hearts of a new audience sensitive to its finesse.

Whole duck foie gras: certified quality

Certified as being of Landes origin (South-West) and coming from farm ducks, our canned whole foie gras is prepared with the best foies gras of our traditional ducks, then seasoned only with salt, pepper and spices.


Like a good wine, the whole duck foie gras must be kept away from light and heat and improves with the years. Place in the refrigerator 6 hours before tasting.


Goose foie gras is the finest of all foies gras. Renowned by connoisseurs for its delicacy and firmness, this foie gras is unanimously appreciated by gourmets.


Rarer than duck foie gras, it is at the origin of our ancestral tradition and has made the South-West of France the symbol of the art of living throughout the world.


Power and smoothness are its main characteristics of duck foie gras, which makes this foie gras the most appreciated by our gourmets. The duck foie gras is always a treat for the amateurs.

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